Let Washington Eat Its Own Cooking!

Let Washington Eat Its Own Cooking!

SEN. DAVID VITTER: LET WASHINGTON EAT ITS OWN COOKING. The recent Obamacare rollout has made things crystal clear in Washington — the liberals will stop at nothing to impose their big government agenda on America. I assure you that I’m not going to sit back and watch this trainwreck, I’m going to fight to repeal, replace, delay, and hope you will too.

Do you remember when President Obama told us “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” over and over again?

It was a lie. Although, it’s not really a lie for Washington insiders who shoved ObamaCare into law in the first place. They’ve made sure to spare themselves from this disaster.

You may have heard about this – there’s a provision of the health care law says that members of Congress and all of their staff are required to procure their health care coverage on the ObamaCare exchange, just like millions of other Americans who are being dumped from their previous employer-provided coverage.

But in a classic case of Washington protecting its own, the Obama administration is trying to (illegally) “fix” things for the insiders. They invented a rule out of thin air, allowing members of Congress and their staffs to stay off the exchange to keep many of their staff members off the exchange entirely.

And members of Congress and staff who do go on the exchange, as the law states, would get a huge taxpayer-funded subsidy that is not available to any other American at the same income level!

It is amazing how arrogant some of these people in Washington are. Trying to correct this is one of my top priorities right now.

The Obama administration came up with an illegal administrative fix to this provision in order to take the financial sting out and largely undo it for Washington insiders.

To reverse this Washington double standard, I’ve introduced legislation that would end this ObamaCare exemption for DC insiders.

It would require all members of Congress and their staff to purchase their health insurance on the ObamaCare exchange without the help of special taxpayer-funded subsidies.

The sooner Washington eats its own cooking, the sooner it will start getting things right, on ObamaCare and a lot more.

As always, thanks so much for your support.


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