Collapse of Obama’s Mideast Policy Leaves Administration Looking Dangerously Inept

Collapse of Obama’s Mideast Policy Leaves Administration Looking Dangerously Inept

Singing Kumbaya With Terrorists Is No Substitute for Military Strength

by Woody Jenkins, editor, Capital City News

BATON ROUGE — The Arab Spring has turned into the Arab Winter.  With it, the utter naivete and ineptitude of the Obama Administration’s policy in the Mideast have become clear for all to see.

In his Cairo speech, President Obama reached out to the Muslim world in the obvious belief that 1,000 years of history was all a big mistake, a misunderstanding that could be solved by holding hands and singing kumbaya together.

Thus began the descent that led to Obama’s complicity in the overthrow of dictatorial regimes which had at least kept the forces of terror at bay.  It was also the beginning of the Obama administration’s gradual abandonment of our friends in Israel.

Today an American ambassador has been murdered, U. S. embassies are under seige, and American interests in the Mideast remain under constant threat.

Terrorism and terrorists are on the rise — dramatically — in the Mideast, and there is no one to stop them except Israel.

The United States and President Obama look foolish, inept, weak, and powerless to control our destiny.

Do you remember that not long ago, President Obama and his State Department stopped referring to terrorists as “terrorists”?  That’s behind his wanting to try the terrorists at Guantanomo under criminal law, instead of military law.

Notice that even with the murder of the American ambassador to Libya, Obama wanted to send in the FBI to “investigate” and bring the wrongdoers to “justice”! Much to the President’s surprise, it wasn’t “safe” for the FBI to go to Libya to investigate.

Obama thinks this is a criminal problem and wants to read everybody their Miranda rights.

What a piece of work we have in the White House!

When American embassies are attacked and American diplomats are killed, it’s a job for the Marines — not the investigators.

When America kicks butt and takes names, we get positive results — and victory!  When we grovel, we get what we deserve — a bloody nose or much worse.

Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are behind the coordinated attacks on American embassies across the Muslim world, and it will continue and get worst unless we get new leadership.

Meanwhile, the threat of Iran’s building nuclear weapons grows more severe with each passing day.  The clock is ticking, and the annilation of the State of Israel and perhaps the United States becomes more and more likely.

Rome is burning, and Nero is fiddling away.

Nov. 6 is almost here.  I just pray that the American people stand up, and that it won’t be too late.

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